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“In over 15 years of professional career, I took over 250 choirs on concert tours to Italy”

Ida Dunham; Founder - Allegro Tours

Concert Tours to Italy have become increasingly complicated and often require the right contacts to arrange both concerts and travel accommodation.

Italy is one of the most exciting musical centers of the world and offers a wide range of cultural experiences for students and adult choirs, youth orchestras and wind ensembles. Rome, Florence, Venice, and Southern Italy are rich in musical traditions, people attend concerts regularly as part of their culture. Italians’ love for music is insatiable and they are especially receptive to talented young musicians who perform in their country.

Art Tours to Italy are a unique opportunity to experience and understand art in the settings for which it was created. Our carefully selected cities in Italy are culturally rich,affordable and hospitable.

We are keenly aware of the many details which must be addressed and we strive to provide a full range of cultural experiences. We will visit not only the most important sites, but out-of-the-way places, unexpected museums and private homes and collections.

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Concert in Rome

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