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Youth Summer Camp for the ARTS

Roccella Ionica

The program is sold on an individual basis in the United States and in Calabria (Italy). It consists of one month with two weeks intervals. The campus will be in Roccella Jonica (Reggio Calabria), at one of the hotels in the area

Roccella Ionica - Castle

The concept is to teach music (choral & instrumental), painting, Italian & English languages (Italian to the American kids, English to the Italian kids) plus recreational activities such as soccer, swimming, cooking (pasta and pizza!!). Most important is also the interaction between the American and Italian students and the cultural experience they will gain from living and learning together.


Ida Dunham
Meet our Experts
 Youth Art Summer Camp


Summer Camp Staff Team

Mario Dell'Olio,  American Program Director

Carlo Frasca', Italian Program  Director

Pasquale Tassone, Head of Music Program

Cheryl Hemenway, Choral Clinician (age 14-18)

Bob Ghiorzi, Choral Clinician (age 10-13)

Geoffrey Dana Hicks, Jazz and Gospel clinician

Osna Sens, Head of Art Program

Enzo Mollicola, Italian & English languages


Cooking classes

Taught by the staff of the campus' kitchen. The program will be under the auspices of Regione Calabria, Assessorato alla Cultura della Provincia di Reggio Calabria, the town of Roccella Jonica, the Associazione Musicale Jonica and the Associazione Musicale L'Arlesiana.


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